How to use Canon Printers on Ubuntu

Canon’s apparent lack of working Linux support can be quite frustrating at times for users who just want a simple way to print.

The official drivers on Canon’s websites don’t seem to work on Ubuntu. So how do we go about this then?

Thankfully, there is a very simple method of getting laserjet printers to work which was found by heiplpvip. This method uses the terminal but does not require any prior knowledge.

Step 1:

Run the following command in the terminal to download the script.

Step 2:

Make it an executable by running chmod +x

Step 3:

Start the script with ./
Enter your password when prompted as this install requires sudo permissions.

Step 4:

Choice selection

You should see a similar output giving you options. Enter 1 to install.

Step 5:

Choose the printer that you want to install the drivers for. If you want to install for multiple printers, make sure you install one first and then repeat from Step 3 onwards for the subsequent printers.

Supported printers

Enter the numeric option for your printer.

Step 6:

Next, connect the printer to your computer. Choose the corresponding connection option and click enter.

Step 7:

You should now see a whole bunch of logs come up and the script will pause.

You might see a prompt telling you to turn off the printer, wait 2 seconds, and then turn it on again. Perform this action and once done, the script will resume.

Step 8:

And that should be it! You might see an output similar to the following. There may be some warnings, but don’t worry we can disregard them.

Press any key to exit and enjoy your new printer!

A huge thanks again to Hiep Bao Le for finding this script and modifying it to make it globally accessible. You can check out his repository at

Hey, I’m Srujan. A Student, Developer and Perpetual Learner!

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